​BioBANG™ is an innovative, effective and efficient cavitator that transfers 100% of the energy, cavitates, breaks up and permanently liquefies all types of biomass, even low-cost types, resulting in its immediate digestion in biogas and biomethane systems. BioBANG™ is the future standard to the biomass treatment and pretreatment for any plant.

Cavitation technology allows you to:

1) increased biogas production measured per m3 reactor tank or tons biomass

2) exploit "difficult" & cheap biomasses (deep litter, hay, straw)

3) lower the overall viscosty in your system

4) increase dry matter content in your reactor

BioBANG™ is patentet by - Three Es Srl.​​​

​C-Biotech is distributor of BioBANG™ in Northern Europe​​

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